Managing a payroll service can be time consuming for your business. If you don’t have specialist software, you’ll find yourself spending ages filling in HMRC forms…

which has to be submitted online every month. There’ll be employee payslips to sort out. And with the government’s new Auto Enrolment scheme for workplace pensions currently being rolled out, you’ll have even more payroll paperwork to deal with.

Sound like a nightmare? Let me run your payroll service for you. I’ll deal with everything from NIC and maternity pay to director’s pay if you’re a limited company. While you concentrate on running your business, I’ll concentrate on ensuring your payroll runs smoothly and on time.

If you’d like help with your payroll, please get in touch on 07772 466606 or send me an email.

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Why you should hire me

+ Fixed fees

+ Jargon-free help and advice

+ Happy to chat

+ Friendly and reassuring

+ No extra charge for phone calls and emails

+ Monthly payment plan available